Callum Hudson-Odoi has made three appearances for England's senior team.

England forward Callum Hudson-Odoi has hinted he could possibly play for the Black Stars in future.

The winger, who’s capped three times by England, is still eligible to switch to Ghana after the eligibility rules were revised by FIFA.

The rule states that:

Players can now switch national teams provided they are eligible to represent them as long as they have played no more than three matches (including friendlies), none of the matches were in the final tournament of the FIFA World Cup or confederation competition, and they all happened before the player turned 21.

Hudson-Odoi falls under this bracket as he is eligible for Ghana because of his dad, Bismark Odoi who played for Hearts of Oak.

The 20-year-old is currently in Ghana enjoying the summer holidays.

Questions have been raised about a possible switch to Ghana after he missed out on the England Euro 2020 squad.

The Chelsea academy graduate addressed Chelsea fans in Ghana at Alisa Hotel on Sunday.

He spoke of why he chose to play for England over Ghana.

“I think obviously when you’re young, you have the opportunity to play for England throughout all the years, from under 15 to under 16 all the way up. When they obviously gave me the opportunity to come I was in the country already. It’s something that I already had in my mind, set on already playing for England.”

Despite playing for England’s U16, U17, U18, U19, U21 and senior teams, Hudson-Odoi can still choose to play for Ghana. 

“So it was the thing obviously choosing Ghana or England, and at the end of the day I said I always had the right people around me who always advise me – what’s right, what’s wrong. England came and I said yeah, let me go and play for my country. But I said Ghana is my home as well, so we’ll see, we’ll see. You’ll never know, so,” he said whilst giggling. 

Hudson-Odoi was part of the Chelsea team to win the Champions League. He’s the youngest player to ever win both the Champions League and Europa League.

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