The president of the Accra College of Medicine is advising the public how to survive into the new year.

Professor Afua Hersey spoke said people should be health cautions stressing they “should be careful of what they are eating”.

She spoke to JoyNews at the 9th Annual Psychiatry Debate, themed “Illness or physical illness, which of the two costs society more?”, where she expressed her worry regarding the obliviousness of the citizenry to the origins of the foods they consume.

“What we take into our bodies because ultimately that is what will give us good health or poor health so if you want to survive into the new year be careful of what you’re eating.”

Many studies have proven that there is indeed a strong correlation between the quality of food that we consume and our overall health and lifespan.

Prof Hersey also credited the Joy ‘Clean Ghana’ Campaign for revealing to citizens the way their foods are treated behind closed doors in order to raise awareness and draw attention to the dangers we face by consuming certain foods.

“The JoyCampaign is showing us that we’re taking in a lot of things that are not good for us. We should be more aware of what we eat.”