The Minority in Parliament is urging President Akufo-Addo to immediately outline a comprehensive plan to contain what it says is a rising spate of violent crime in the country.

Deputy Ranking Member of the Defense and Interior Committee, Dr Zanetor Rawlings in a statement on the floor cited the recent killing of a policeman during an attack on a bullion van, kidnapping and recent armed robbery incidents as evidence of rising spate of insecurity in the country.

She wants the government to better resource the security agencies to contain the situation.

“Our abilities to enforce our laws has never been more crucial, the police need to have a topper stands on infringements of the laws to send a strong signal to all criminal activity, that it would not be countenance in any form without any political or undue interference.

“The President with the recent launch of Ghana’s security strategy needs to put an urgent plan on and strategy in place to better resource the security agency especially the police service and then under Article 34(2) report to Parliament on the steps being taken to restore a feeling of security in the country,” she said.

Meanwhile, Deputy Majority Leader, Alexander Afenyo Markins says steps are being taken to resource the security agencies.

“Our security agencies have likely told us that they need more resources. We have engaged them as a committee and I am well aware of the steps government is taking to resource them and resource them the more.

“It is commendable to hear that immediately after the Ejura incident, government through Mr President directed the sector to immediately constitute a ministerial committee to look into the matter. To me, it is very commendable. I pray that they get their report out as soon as possible,” he said.