The Humanitarian Awards Global has announced its annual publication on 100 Most Influential Change Makers in Ghana for 2020-2021.

This is in line with the quest to inspire the next generation of many change-makers in Ghana who are passionate about impacting lives and challenging the status quo.

“Humanitarian Awards Global through the “Celebrating Unsung Heroes Project”, has launched an annual publication to highlight and celebrate the astounding accomplishments of individuals dubbed -100 Most Influential Change Makers,” organisers of the event indicated.
Humanitarian Awards Global has been engaged in changing the narrative about change-makers through awards celebrations, education, and ranking publications.

“Through this project, we are presented with another opportunity not only to celebrate changemakers but showcase the individual and collective works of people who are earnestly inspiring the next generation of leaders in and beyond,” organisers further indicated.

Influential change-makers announced under Humanitarian Awards Global

Presented as a ranking of the 100 Most Influential Change Makers in Ghana, this publication presents a summary of philanthropists who have climbed the corporate ladder, started their own businesses, or have been at the forefront of decision making both locally & internationally, and impacting lives.
Some notable personalities to be featured include Diplomats, Board Chairs, CEOs, Scholars, Chancellors, Politicians, and Philanthropists; all being distinguished personalities in their field of work.
The publication presents a key opportunity for these change-makers to be inspired and also continue in their strides of impacting more lives.

For the maiden publication, the selection criteria included humanitarian impacts, consistency, excellence in leadership & performance, personal accomplishments, commitment to sharing knowledge, and the ability to challenge the status quo.

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