Management and Students of IPMC, an Information Technology (IT) company, at the weekend organized a health walk through the principal streets of Nima, a suburb of Accra, to create awareness on Cholera.

The Chief Executive Officer of IPMC, Mr Amar Deep S. Hari, said the recent outbreak of cholera in the country claimed 34 lives with the Greater Accra Region recording the highest toll of 16 deaths.

Most of the reported cases in Accra involved residents from Abossey Okai, Zongo and Agbobloshie since these communities have a lot of slums with poor sanitary conditions.

Mr Hari said the exercise forms part of the social responsibility of the company in reaching out to its customers since the health of workers was paramount to the survival of any business venture.

He called for good hygiene and cleanliness to prevent such deadly diseases.

He said even though government was doing its best to halt the menace, IPMC thought it prudent to get involved in spreading the message to all to be aware and observe preventive measures.

Mr Hari said Nima was chosen because of its shanty status and crowded population which made it prone to communicable diseases.

According to him, James Knox Polk, the 11th American President and King Charles VII of France, all died of cholera, which means any body could die of the disease if proper hygiene was not observed.

Dr David Nortey of the Korle-Bu Polyclinic said one can get cholera by drinking water or eating food contaminated by the faecal matter also by simply shaking unclean hands of a person with cholera and not washing off before eating.

He said some of the symptoms of cholera are profuse watery stools and vomiting and weakness and dizziness.

Dr Nortey urged all to observe proper hygiene and defecating on open ground or into drains and advised anyone who noticed the symptoms to report immediately to any health facility for early treatment.

Source: GNA