Ishmael Adjei has emerged winner of the Driver of the Month on the Yango App for November 2019.

Ishmael has been driving for as long as he can remember and in his own words, “There is literally no street in Accra that my tyres have not touched.”

According to Ishmael, swimming, DJ-ing and driving are among his favourite things to do.

Speaking about how he got acquainted with the Yango App, Ishmael said, “After being introduced to Yango by my cousin who also drives, I’ve been with Yango for 5 months now. My favourite thing about the app is how flexible it makes driving. Yango makes it a lot easier to make good money as a driver.”

Ishmael slipped in a few money-making tips for his fellow drivers during the conversation. He advised drivers not to decline trips; advised his fellow drivers to position themselves at places where there is usually high demand for rides; and stated that Mondays and weekends are usually the quickest ways to meet one’s set target.

When asked about the kind of riders he loves to pick up, Ishmael Adjei said, “I love riders who enter the right locations with location services turned on, are sensitive and love music too.”

General Manager of Yango in West Africa, Kadotien Soro commented, “Yango appreciates Ishmael for his hard work and exemplary attitude towards work.”

Yango says, “For every mile crossed with you, for every ride you made delightful and for every single time you put your riders’ comfort ahead of yours, Yango is grateful to you, Ishmael.”