The streets of Kingston, Jamaica were lit up with music, costume and food as dancers, revellers and cultural troops took to the street giving visitors a treat and many reasons why the Caribbean takes the crown for world’s best Carnivals.

Known for its great music, drinks and revellers, the Jamaica Carnival saw more people in the country for this year’s event making it the fastest growing carnival in the Caribbean.

The carnival was led by three groups: Pretty Mas Oakridge Boys which had its first carnival in 1989; Revellers which had previously been a band at Jamaican carnivals since 1994 and Jouvert Raiders whose first fete was in 1995. 

Jamaica Carnival 2019

The Carnival is held to promote modern Jamaican culture, music and tourism and has since 2000 pulled a bigger crowd with each passing year.

Although much controversy surrounding Carnivals in the Caribbean has been making the rounds, many Caribbean locals are enlightening the world that their carnivals are more than what is seen and have more value and history.

Thinking of taking a trip to Jamaica? The Jamaica Carnival is already set in stone and the country is opening up its doors to the world to learn more about its history and culture.