Junior Shapers Africa (JSA), the leading non-profit personal development organisation championing the “Raising Boys Right” has marked its 5th anniversary with the launch of ‘Boys to Men Voyage’ at Jamestown in Accra.

The all year round extra-curricular coaching program is to empower boys from age 7 till their 18th birthday.

Founding Director of Junior Shapers Africa, Ethel Adjorlolo Marfo said the beneficiaries were drawn from slum communities, orphanages, school dropouts and those in school will be supported through corporate sponsorship and scholarships.

She added that the boys will learn relevant life skills to empower and equip them with knowledge, ideas, and resources that will shape them to become responsible and purpose-driven men in society.

The Director said that the move kicked-off in Jamestown because their focus is to help young boys leaving in slum areas to become better in society.

“We are beginning in Jamestown as we want to see more boys flourishing in slum areas to reduce juvenile delinquency, crime, sexual and gender-based violence, and other social problems most perpetrated by boys/men,” she stated.

According to the Founding Director, JSA has impacted 6,000 African boys in Ghana, Liberia, and recently the UK, US & Thailand through its clinics, events, boot camps, and their virtual coaching program inspired by the Covid-19 pandemic.

She also mentioned JSA, in the next five years and beyond, will count on the support of everyone, most especially parents to plant a productive tree by supporting the “Raising Boys Right Advocacy in our quest to attain a more sustainable gender-equal society for future generations through role model leadership by fathers in our homes”.

Through corporate sponsorship and scholarships, JSA will be supporting less privileged boys from all walks of life and backgrounds i.e. (schoolboys, dropouts, boys in slum communities, boys in orphanages, etc.)

This will be by enrolling them on a life-transforming coaching programs and they will be taken through different levels of the program every year till they are 18-year-old.

The boys will be learning relevant life skills to empower and equip them with knowledge, ideas, and resources that will shape them up to become responsible and purpose-driven men who will give back to their communities.

Junior Shapers Africa will also raise funds to put up a state-of-the-art Resource Centre and Shelter for slum boys in Jamestown–Accra, as we address their silent struggles and create a safe space to empower them to become responsible gentlemen.