Karpowership Ghana Company Limited has been adjudged best Company in Education Sustainability Programme at the 2019 Sustainability and Social Investment Awards held in Accra.

The company was also awarded Best Company in Project providing Educational Facilities.

The Corporate Communication Specialist of Karpowership Ghana, Sandra Amarquaye, said the awards showcase Karpowership commitment to Society.

“At Karpowership we operate with our One World Philosophy in that we believe we live in one world and therefore wherever
we operate it is our passion to invest in the people and the community.”

She added the company has been very passionate about particularly investing in Education because the company is focused on globally helping to achieve the UN sustainable goal four which is quality education.

‘We believe, best investment for children especially in a developing society is education and that is why we as a company keep channelling our resources in this particular area. This award inspires us to do more in the coming year.”

Sandra Amarquaye enumerated some of the CSR projects the company had undertaken.

This included the Refurbishment of the Tema Municipal Library, Provision of ICT lab for Tema Manhean Anglican JHS Bursary for 100 but Brilliant Students, Karpowership Mentorship Program, Karpowership Welcome Back to School project amongst others.

The Sustainability and Social Investment Awards is an initiative that is aimed at identifying and publicly recognising the impact made by companies, CSI/CSR foundations, NGO’s, individuals and other implementing agencies through exemplary success in voluntarily improving the quality of life of people and communities.

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