The Ghana National Gas Company (GNCC) Limited would within the next few days, push its first gas from the Atuabo Gas Processing to the Karpowership.

All the engineering works, electrical connections and laying of pipelines to power the relocated Karpowership from Tema to the Sekondi Naval Base is 98 percent complete, Head of Corporate Communication Ernest Owusu Bempah, has disclosed.

The government took a decision to move the 470 megawatts Karpowership to Sekondi Naval Base to enable operations to draw natural gas from Atuabo Gas Processing plant to power the powership.

Karpowership Ghana

The Ghana News Agency reported that, Mr. Bempah, speaking with journalists in Takoradi in the Western Region on the progress of work, expressed joy about the work done so far.

He said currently, hydrogen was being pushed through the pipelines to flush them and ensure there were no leakages as well as to clear the lines for the free flow of gas, adding that all things being equal, the powership would become operational by October 31.

He pointed out that the eight-kilometer onshore and the 1.3 km offshore pipelines linking the Karpowership, the tie-in point, have all been successfully laid, test of electrical connections and the metering gauge have all been fixed.

Mr Bempah said Ghana Gas will be supplying the powership 60 to 90 minimum continuous stable flow (mcsf) gas on daily basis, adding that Ghana Gas has more than 350mcsf gas and would be able to meet the demands of the powership.

The Head of Corporate Communications commended the engineers and all the staff who worked tirelessly to ensure the successful relocation of the powership without recording any incidents.

Mr Bempah attributed the success story to the indigenisation of the company and putting in place of health and safety measures which he noted, have helped the company not to record any incidents.

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