Kasapreko to install state-of-the-art plant

Indigenous liquor giant Kasapreko Company Limited is embarking on an ambitious expansion project that will see new state-of-the-art equipment installed to facilitate efficiency in the company’s production.

Having gained roots on the Nigerian market and some West African countries, management of the company says it has become imperative to improve on efficiency to be able to meet the growing demand of the loyal patrons who consume KCL products.

It is in view of this that Management of KCL has embarked on a project to expand its factory and to install a new state-of-the-art equipment that has two bottling lines.

The plant is reported to have the highest machine speed spirit lines in the globe. One of the lines can produce 30,000 bottles an hour, while the other comes with 40,000 an hour. It is being handled by Les Banks, an International Technical Consultant.

About $30 million is being injected into the expansion project in order to meet the increasing market demand of its numerous consumers across the Sub-Region and beyond.

The expansion project, which is seeing the installation of the equipment on a 7,500 square metre land, is quoted to be the highest ever technology producer of alcoholic beverages in the world.

The Company is engaging the services of 12 university graduates to operate the equipment. To effectively and efficiently handle the new plant, Management is taking the 12 to Germany for training, while the installation of the plant is expected to be ready for use by March 2012.

Managing Director of KCL, Martyn Mensah, told reporters that the growing demand of Kaspreko products had been so overwhelming and required that the Company expands its factory to be able to meet the growing market demand of consumers and to improve the consumers’ confidence in the Company.

According to him, the expansion and installation of the new plant meant that KCL will employ more hands and rake in more revenue for the country, which he was of the view will boost Ghana’s economy.

“Our growth has been driven by consumer support in Ghana and outside Ghana. As we grow, we need to make investments and the size of our loyal consumers justifies the need for this expansion. We are only reinvesting what we have received from our valued consumers,” he maintained.

Mr. Mensah stated that KCL had come of age and as such, registered its presence on the international market, emphasizing that the decision to buy the best technology and invest in the human resource base in order to maintain its recognition globally was a step in the right direction.

“Indeed, we are proud to demonstrate that Ghanaians and Ghanaian companies can achieve the highest heights. The Government of Ghana has always maintained that industry is the engine of any economy and not a foreign company; not a company that has foreign investors or brought in foreign ideas. KCL, which is a company born, bread, nurtured and rose in Ghana has reached the pinnacle in the manufacturing sector. It is the master of which we are greatly proud and we want to share that success and pride with our cherished and loyal consumers by giving back to them what KCL has taken from them,” he opined.

Dr. Kwabena Adjei, Founder and President of KCL, said there was the need for the citizenry to dream big so that they could propel the economy and put the country at the highest pedestal.

Dr. Adjei, who is also the Group Chairman of Pinnacle Holdings, a mother Company of KCL noted that the expansion was being undertaken to showcase to some of the people that small beginnings can make greater endings.

He recounted how KCL started from a very small place with four people at his garage but today, the Company is acclaimed internationally, all because he dreamt big.

The Group Chairman said the investment being made today is to ensure that after he dies, the Company can survive for the next 1,000 years, and so, measures had been put in place to enable others take over from him, stressing that when he dies, he will not die with the Company.

Emmanuel Teiko, General Manager, Finance, said the expansion project was being done through the Company’s own resources, with support from Pinnacle Holding limited, saying that they had not taken any loan from anywhere.

He noted that the Nigerian market in particular was one major reason for the expansion, noting that the Abuja Chamber of Commerce was of tremendous support in Nigeria.

The General Manager, Plant and Bottling, Edmund Blankson, who conducted the media round the existing plant and the new site, said the Company was also bringing in a three-million water tank in order to always have enough water supply for the huge project.

Recently, a delegation from the Abuja Chamber of Commerce in Nigeria was in the country, where the delegation assured Management of KCL of their fullest support to ensure that products of Kasapreko became a household name in Nigeria.

The delegation, led by President of the Chamber, Delle Kelvin Oye, said looking at the track record of the KCL, coupled with the number of awards it had received over the past 12 years, they had no doubt that the Company would excel and achieve higher laurels in the Nigerian market.

Members of the delegation expressed their impression about the Company and called on Africans to be proud of and associate themselves with, since it is an indigenous Ghanaian and for that matter, African company.