Koo Fori has taken to social media to post a tribute remembering his late wife who passed away 10 years ago.

The actor born Seth Kwabena Kyere Karikari, reminisced the circumstances that led to the death of his wife who at the time had just welcomed their baby girl.

“You were full of smiles, you gave a full grin as you hold your first baby and you were more than the word happy. I congratulated you and hanged up the phone, not knowing that was your last day on earth!”

Koo Fori in earlier interviews had disclosed his wife had died over what he described as medical negligence in an undisclosed health facility.

According to him, surgical tools were left in his wife’s stomach after a caesarian section.

He explained that the late Mrs Karikari for days suffered severe pains which eventually led to her death.

In his post, the Efiewura actor wrote “Time really flies. Those who saw it could not spill it out, those who heard it could not believe it, it was too sudden they said. It was an extremely disturbing news that is best not described.”

He believes that cven though his late wife is no more she is with her family in spirit.

Koo fori

“You’ll forever be remembered by all especially your lovely daughter, Ewurakua. Mary, REST IN PERFECT PEACE.”