Rapper Medikal has reportedly been invited to the offices of the Accra Regional Police Command.

According to JoyNews sources, the police invited the musician, born Samuel Adu Frimpong, for brandishing a gun in a video posted on social media.

Reports currently indicate that the ‘Ayekoo’ hitmaker is at the Accra Regional Police Command for interrogation.

On September 26, rapper Medikal raised eyebrows on social media when he was seen in a video flaunting a pistol believed to be newly acquired.

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The video, which caught the attention of many, showed him holding the famous Ruger American Pistol.

Medikal’s arrest comes few hours after he appeared in court to support Shatta Wale during the latter’s trial over the hoax shooting incident.

The Accra Circuit Court, on Thursday, remanded dancehall musician, Shatta Wale for one week in police custody. The controversial artiste, pleaded not guilty to a charge of publication of false news.

On October 19, the artiste turned himself in after the police had declared him wanted.

He had allegedly claimed that he had been shot and receiving treatment, which turned out to be a hoax.

Two of his accomplices were charged with abetment of crime.

Police in a Facebook post said “they were remanded following a request by the police for their continued detention due to ongoing investigations on their alleged involvement in the publication of false information with the intention to cause fear and panic.”


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