The Chief of Staff, Akosua Frema Osei-Opare, has revealed that her granddaughter might be a career politician.

According to her, although none of her four children ventured into politics, her 18-year-old grandchild exhibits signs of becoming a promising politician.

“None of them is into politics, but I must say that I think my granddaughter will be. She is now 18.”

Speaking in a yet-to-be aired interview on Joy FM’s Personality Profile, the Chief of Staff said she could have unknowingly influenced the teenager since she has taken her on trips to campaign for the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

“I believe she will be [a politician] because of the way she follows my work. She follows me around during the campaigning period.

“In 2020, she volunteered to do social media work [for the NPP]. She is the type who will spray her hair into NPP colours, so I suspect she wants to be a politician, but I am watching,” she told host Lexis Bill.

The proud grandmother further noted that she will readily avail herself to mentor her granddaughter if she officially expresses political interest.

As a parent, the 73-year-old said motherhood taught her some life-changing lessons that have influenced her way of life.

“Motherhood teaches you how to appreciate human beings because you help bring them into the world. And you begin to appreciate individual differences for what they can bring on board.”

Mrs Osei-Opare will be hosted on tonight’s edition of Joy FM’s Personality Profile.

Tune onto Joy FM tonight as she shares exciting stories about her personal life.

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