An ardent viewer of Joy Prime, Maame Adjoa has shared that her husband who ceased having sex with her for close to a decade is now showing interest in her.

According to her, she has lost interest in the relationship. The couple has been married for about 30 years.

Maame Adjoa was contributing to a discussion on Prime Morning show with Doreen Avio on the topic ‘Abuse in relationships/marriages, where the man is the victim’.

“About almost 9 years now, my husband has not slept with me. In fact, it’s been about 8 months now, and he called me to say that he wants to have sex with me. I mean we should go to bed, but I’m not feeling for him again. What should I do?” she asked.

Addressing the issue on the show, Specialist Psychiatrist, Dr. Yennusom Maalug admonished Maame Adjoa to resolve the issue with her husband.

He said being denied sex is a form of abuse because sex is an integral part of marriage.

“If she’s using sex to deny him because over the past 8 months or eight years, he had also been away from her, that will be a form of abuse because she probably wants to let him know that she was not happy with what he did. What is the way forward?”

“…the best thing is that the two of them have to meet and address whatever issues she had with respect to the fact that he had been away for this period or he had not tried to be intimate with her. So that those specific issues can be addressed. Whether there were stressors, whether there were misunderstandings. So that those can be addressed and if she doesn’t want it to be a form of abuse, she should be ready for them to address these issues. So that they could get back to their sexual life,” he explained.

In addition, he said, “to help them get back to their past time, they should be able to look at what are the things that brought them together years ago, what are the things that made them become intimate and they were enjoying their sex life and try to reactivate those things,” he added.

Mr. Maalug also stated that women who deny their husband’s sex for their personal benefits are abusing their husbands.

“If you try to use or deny the man certain things because you want to gain a certain advantage, that is a form of abuse,” he said.

The majority of people believe that women and children are mostly the victims of abuse in relationships or marriages, but in recent times, it is emerging that women are increasingly abusing their husbands or fiancés.

However, male victims fail to report their abuse due to shyness, ignorance, people may not believe, and many other reasons.

According to the Domestic Violence Act, 2007 (Act 732) clause (3) section (2), “A person in a domestic relationship who engages in domestic violence commits an offense and is liable on summary conviction to a fine of not more than five hundred penalty units or a term of imprisonment of not more than two years or both.”