New Patriotic Party flag-bearer, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, on Wednesday took his listening campaign to the Central region where he dined and interacted with the people of several communities he visited.

Starting his regional tour from the Awutu Senya constituency, Nana Addo visited Kasoa, Bawjiase, Fakor, Akropong, Obrachire, Bontrase, Awutu and Senya touring lorry stations, Zongo communities, markets, Clinics, and going through the towns and villages, interacting with people mostly on a one-on-one basis.

A report by the NPP’s Communications Directorate quoted Nana Addo as assuring the constituents he met that his policy team was working on introducing programmes and policies that will help raise the standard of living of fishermen, just as President Kufuor did with cocoa farmers.

“We have showed that we can do it and when we come back in 2013, we will build on the gains of President Kufuor” Nana Addo is quoted as saying.

The report said it was a sad encounter on Wednesday, when the 2012 NPP presidential candidate took his listening campaign to Mbenyini beach to find out for himself what issues and problems confronted the fishermen in their work.

“The fishermen, who sounded extremely frustrated, took turns to speak strongly about the problems and concerns that they have, all of them condemning strongly the Mills administration for neglecting them and refusing to pay attention to their plight.

“They complained about the NDC’s refusal to continue a landing site that the NPP administration initiated before leaving power,” the reported said.

It quoted one Ato, a fisherman as noting that “Ever since the NDC came to power, the fishing trade has been very frustrating. We thought we were not happy about some issues with the Kufuor administration and so we voted for change but now we want a change again, and Nana we want it badly”.

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