The National Covid-19 Trust Fund has redeemed its pledge of a cash contribution towards the construction of the recently-commissioned Ghana Infectious Disease Centre (GIDC) by donating ¢6.8 million to the Ghana Covid-19 Private Sector Fund.

The GIDC, the first infectious disease centre in the country, is an initiative of the Ghana Covid-19 Private Sector Fund.

It was commissioned last month and is expected to open its doors soon for use as a treatment centre for critically ill Covid-19 patients.

After the pandemic, the ultra-modern 100-bed facility will be used as a treatment centre for other infectious diseases such as ebola and cerebrospinal meningitis.

Former Chief Justice Sophia Akuffo, who chairs the National Covid-19 Trust Fund, says the donation in support of the GIDC, was in full recognition of the lead role the Private Sector Fund took to help bolster the nation’s capacity to contain the coronavirus pandemic.

On a visit to the centre, Justice Akufo, commended the use of homegrown talent in the construction of the facility.

“Looking at the facility, the way it’s been laid out for total safety of the medical staff, total safety of the patients, total safety of the public it looks very comfortable. It looks very clean,” she said.

“It’s a very well thought out, a very humane installation that has been built and the beauty of it is that most of the inputs for the building and most of all the skills are Ghanaian. It’s home grown.”

She added: “We are very blessed that in this country we are fortunate enough to have private sector operators who have the health of the nation at heart and decided to take this initiative.

“Our elders say if you do a good thing, you get a good push. It is in this vein that we in the Public Sector Fund deemed it necessary to provide 6.8 million cedis to help pay off the cost of putting up this magnificent and useful edifice.”

In recognition of the support, one of the ward wings of the Ghana Infectious Disease Centre has been named after the National Covid-19 Trust Fund. The centre’s laboratory is also in the name of the National Covid-19 Trust Fund.

Managing Trustee of the Ghana Covid-19 Private Sector Fund, Senyo Hosi, express gratitude to the National Covid-19 Trust Fund for helping to make the dream of the Ghana Infectious Disease Centre a reality. He said it is a testimony to what Ghanaians can achieve if the public and private sectors work together.

He expressed his immense gratitude to the COVID-19 National Trust Fund for the continuous support and collaboration with the Ghana Covid-19 Private Sector Fund.

“We are one people, with one common vision of a Ghana fit for all her citizens. Some of us work in the private sector, others work in the public sector. But the goal is the same,” he said.

“Here is an example of Ghanaians from the two sectors working together, pooling resources to achieve a common objective, which is to fight a common enemy.”

The Ghana Covid-19 Private Sector Fund is hoping to build another infectious disease centre in Kumasi to serve the northern sector of the country.

Mr Hosi expressed the hope that both corporate citizens and individuals will contribute generously towards the nation’s second infectious disease centre.