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Cat climbs into box, accidentally gets posted 700 miles away

Cat climbs into box, accidentally gets posted 700 miles away
Date: 18-12-2018 Time: 05:12:50:pm

Next time your cat hops into an old box, be very careful – they could end up being sent half way across the country.

They could get stuck there and be posted 700 miles across Canada, ending up in Montreal.

Baloo, a tabby cat from Nova Scotia found out that even if curiosity doesn’t kill the cat, it ends up taking the cat on an unintentional adventure.

Owner Jacqueline Lake told CTV: ‘We knocked door-to-door, we searched the woods, we searched under decks, in garages, under steps … he was gone.’

The stowaway was discovered when he went to the toilet, and the driver taking the parcel wondered why there was urine in his truck.

Seventeen hours into the journey which began on December 6, he found the cat tucked inside the box and contacted a local SPCA animal shelter.

Perhaps the cat just identified with the Purolator freight company taking him. Purrolator, amirite? Anyway… Baloo is now back home safe, with plenty of stories to tell the grandkids.

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