“We are together again, just praising the LORD,

We are together again, with one accord,

Something good is going to happen, something good is in stock,

We are together again, just praising the LORD.”

This was the euphoric entry song former students of NJUACSO 1996 year group used to ‘storm’ PAPA’s house on Saturday 1st August, 2015 at 11:25am. It was an awe-inspiring joy when the students were warmly welcomed by Papa Boniface (now a retiree) and some old teachers.

To the year group, the visit was occasioned by thoughtful trip down memory lane of how this man had contributed immensely to shaping their lives physically, mentally, academically and spiritually to become better members of society. 

They consequently presented to him three adorable plaques (a citation of honour, his portrait and a customized Polo Shirt of the 96 batch). There were other gifts such as a Royal Asante Bonwire Kente, Ahenfo Ahenema and a cash donation. These gifts were just to show a token of their sincere appreciation to him as they indicated that, no amount of material gifts could measure to the significant role he played in molding their lives.

The ceremony became very poignant at this stage, when the old students expressed their individual appreciation to Papa with deep emotions. Messages from colleagues abroad were read on their behalf to Papa and people could barely hold back their tears as those messages were filled with deep sentiments.

The old students did not only honour Papa Boniface but also a few of the old teachers (some of whom are retired), since it was in part due to their supportive role as teachers then that Papa was successful at his job.

The teachers received citations of houour and customized gifts etc. The teachers present were Mr. S. W. K. OHENE (a.k.a. Crocodile), Mr. JOSEPH ADU, Mr. S. K. BOSOMPEM and Mr. C. D. MANTEY (a.k.a. Homologous Series). Others were Mr. J. T. BATSA (a.k.a. Trust and Obey!), Mr. OPPONG, Mr. & Mrs. (Ms. KWAASI) AMOATEY. Other teachers who were contacted but could not make it had their packages sent to them.

They were Rev. TACKIE-OTOO, Mr. I. O. BAAH (a.k.a. Adarkwah), Mr. and Mrs. SIAMEH. There was an assurance message by the old students that, since 2016 marked their 20th anniversary, a grand event was however being scheduled to honour the school, and especially all the old teachers amongst a few others.

Papa Boniface in his acceptance speech expressed his overwhelming astonishment at what the group did and reiterated that, they did not only pass through NJUASCO as students but allowed the virtues, hard work, discipline and moral values of NJUASCO to pass through them. Papa in return blessed and imparted the unction of the holy ghost upon all gathered. He also gave each person a book he had written “THE DEPENDABLE GOD”, personally autographed. The teachers on the other hand, also gave their individual acknowledgements and appreciations to the old students for the splendid act of love and gratitude shown at Papa’s house. The day was simply phenomenal!       



                                                                                                      NJUASCO 96 (Accounting B)