The zeal for smart farming and Agriculture, in particular, has seen Eugene Ohemeng and his team at Honex Farms, introduce the Honex Smart Poultry scheme which seeks to bridge the gap in supply since our demand outweighs supply

When time changes our methods and processes must also change. We live in a smart world, technology leads every sector and farming shouldn’t be left out.

For Eugene Ohemeng, farming, which is one of the oldest trades, must be more advanced in its processes current technology.

“Basically, technology helps meet demand so without it there would be shortage, hence the need for imports so as the meet demand,” the CEO of Honex Farms noted.

According to him, underdeveloped countries simply can’t meet demand for goods and services mainly due to our needless hold on to out-dated technology and working processes. Through Smart Technology in Farming, the country would be able to produce more Nutritious Foods with-in limited time.

“I don’t want to bore readers with statistics hence my common logic submission. However most checks prove my point, if we can meet demand we wouldn’t need to import so as the sustain our economy. Efficiency through Smart Farming would end shortage,” he posted in a recent article.

Smart Poultry

Smart Poultry

In this scheme, Honex Farms through a partnership deal, provides poultry farmers with modern cage, chicks and feed. All that was required from the farmer is a small capital and little Space, 2.5sqm.

The farmer takes 120 layers, a cage, free feed, and Honex Farms will, in turn, collect from the farmer, three Crates of eggs from every day to sell and give the farmer back their profit- smart poultry.

Smart Poultry

Eugene Ohemeng is CEO of HONEX Farms

“The solution is smart poultry, let us all get on board to help develop our poultry industry. The processes being adopted by the scheme is high-tech and can contain all of Ghana’s demand,” he assured.

We need smart technologies to run this era, work smart and not hard, he said and added, “hard working days are over [because] holding on to old- tech destines you for loss.”  

Kuroiler breed

The farms breed Kuroiler chicken, is a hybrid chicken produced after successfully crossing leghorn cocks with Rhode Island Red hens, or male broilers with female Rhode Island Reds.

Kuroiler breed

This particular breed of chicken is considered to be dual purpose -egg and meat chicken breed- and it is now becoming popular in Africa, as farmers in African countries such as Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania etc have started to raise them to produce eggs and meat.

Kegg Farms in India was the first to introduce this breed into the market and Uganda was the first African country to start producing it in Africa. The great news is that farmers are happy and satisfied with the Kuroiler’s performances.