The former Director of the National Health Insurance authority and a presidential staffer, Sylvester Mensah has described the New Patriotic Party (NPP) as a colLapsed party.

Speaking at the campaign launch of deputy education minster Samuel  Ablakwa  Okudzeto, Mr. Mensah said that the NPP has collapsed due to poor party management skills

The party has collapsed for its dysfunctional leadership model,the NDC is the only party available and we confident the we are going to det a 100 % for NDC in 2016’’.

Samuel  Ablakwa  Okudzeto is contesting the parliamentary race of the NDC in the North Tongu  District of the Volta Region.

According to Sylvester Mensah,NDC will continue to make sure that the better Ghana agenda is a chieved come 2016 because the NPP has nothing to offer ghanaians.

Meanwhile , the Paramount Chief of Battor Torgbui Patamia Dzeke III has endosed Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa and has encouraged the people of north tongu to vote massively for him a continuation of his good wooks in the district

Torgbui Patamia who was delivering his welcome address   wa also quick to ad that even though traditional leaders are not to be involved in partisan politics but it is just good to encourage the young ones to continue the good works they are diong’’ if your son is climbing a tree ,will you not assist him to climb the tree or you allow him to fall?  Am not mounting a political platform and I am appealing to the media to report me as I said ‘’ Torgbui Patamia said

He has also the people to help him build on his achievement for the betterment of the district. He however advised the youth not to engage in violence activities

The well attended campaign launch saw past and present ministers and mps who came to grace the occassion.


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