The Health Minister has predicted a dire situation for the country if “we don’t find a way of cutting the spread” of the new coronavirus.

Kwaku Agyeman-Manu said everyone should become an ambassador of stopping the virus by entreating others to adhere to the guidelines aimed at eliminating the pandemic.

Speaking at a press conference on Thursday, he said it is only when everyone joins the fight that the country can be assured of not slipping into severe situations.

According to the Minister, there are empty spaces in the country’s hospitals currently as the facilities are not inundated by the pandemic yet.

“If we begin to get ill, our hospitals would be full,” he cautioned adding, “if we allow ourselves to be moving towards that era [mass hospitalisation] our situation would become catastrophic.”

Regarding the measures to check delinquents who do not adhere to the safety protocols, the Minister said they would soon be punished.

“I’ve been thinking what else we can do to ensure strict compliance with these basic guidelines,” he said, adding that police would soon be arresting such persons.

“If you are jailed three months for not wearing a mask in public you would take a cue from that,” he said.