A Pan Africanist Scholar, Prof Esi Sutherland-Addy has expressed worry over the progressive distortion of the social values and morals of the populace.

According to her, the social fabrics that govern the conscience of individuals have gradually waned, making commoditization and transactionality the new identity.

This situation, the activist says will obliterate any efforts to transform the country.

“Our social fabric has been very seriously affected by the approach that we have taken. We’ve taken an identity of self-deliberation so that we don’t see any strengths. ‘This is Ghana oo, nothing works here’. And it is tough to hear young people say ‘Mummy, these days it is money oo and nothing else’.

“What is it that has gone wrong with our parenting and nurturing? What has gone wrong with the religious institutions that we are not able to nurture persons to have a sense of pride, and integrity?” She questioned.

Prof Addy while contributing her thoughts on Newsfile’s Joy Change-Speakers Series said it will be prudent to relook at the process of socialization of young ones with firm social values and morals.

“At our base, we crave integrity, we crave a system that works. I don’t buy into the idea that people cannot be fair and cannot work with integrity. What we have to do is unearth these stories and share them. And share the fact that in doing this one remains with a sense of freedom and peace of mind and the capacity to interact with our society.

“We must have people who are inspired. Without inspired people, we are not going to make any difference. We are going to sink into a morass of self-deliberation,” she noted on Saturday.

The Pan Africanist further described it as sad when parents fail to fully transmit the cultural knowledge that has been passed on for many generations.

“As parents, why is that we feel that our children become faded copies of superficial Europe and America. Many of us are multi-lingual and we turn our children to mono-lingual children.

“We pay loads of money to alienate our children from our culture. We have young minds being moulded in nursery schools via electronic media with iconography which sits with them for the rest of their lives example Mickey Mouse, Snow White.”

The Professor, therefore, suggested an alternative path which will include the Ghanaian culture and morals to propel the nation to greater heights.