The 2000 Year Group of (Past OLA Girls Association) has organised a career fair for OLA SHS students on the theme ‘empowering the next generation to make better career choices’.

The programme, which was divided into three sections; gave presentations on choosing a suitable career based on one’s identity, mentor-mentee relationship, voluntarism and networking.

The second segment focused on the past students sharing their career journeys with the students and the third section gave the students the opportunity to interact with various professionals, selected based on a survey conducted on the students with a sample size of 400 students.

A statement signed by Mrs Carine L.Malor, Chairperson of the Fair Planning Committee and copied to the Ghana News Agency on Tuesday in Accra said the Professionals were drawn from the medical, teaching, human resource, engineering, journalism, creative arts, hospitality, technological, entrepreneurship, statisticians, Auditors among others.

It said the sessions were interactive and the students were exposed to practical experiences, which they admitted opened them up to think more about choosing a suitable career based on their identity, capabilities and interest.

At the end of the day, some students admitted they were now certain they were on course, while others were able to make suitable choices, with those that were undecided before the day adequately equipped and confessed they would now be in a position to select a suitable career.

The statement said the experiences that were shared with the students resonated with most of them as they confessed they were confronted with similar challenges.

It said from the interactions, some students admitted their parents/guardians forced careers on them, although they had interests in other fields, while some were certain on their path to take with others who had no idea which path to take.

“The 2000-Year Group therefore appeals to school authorities, parents and guardians to work with the students and assist them to make appropriate career decisions as a wrong career choice will negatively impact the life of the students.”

The leadership and teachers of the school expressed their appreciation to the year group for an impactful project.

Mrs Carine L.Malor, is the Chairperson, Career Fair Planning Committee, while Mrs Ruby Martha Tawiah is the President of the year Group.