Police in Nsawam in the Eastern region have rejected suggestions they are to blame for the murder of the Chief of Chinto in Nsawam Adoadjire.

The family of Nana Kofi Mankata have accused the Police of failing to provide security for the deceased person even after he reported to them the threats on his life.

Speaking with Joy News, a brother of the Chief Attaanyo Kwaja also accused the crime officer investigating the case of siding with their cousin who was fighting the Chief over the throne.

Nana Mankata was shot and killed along with his driver at Adoadjiri last Saturday over what the family believes is a chieftaincy dispute between him and his cousin.

The two were returning from a funeral around 9:30pm when the incident occured.

The cousin – Yaw Berko, is said to have vowed never to allow his cousin, the late Mankata to be the chief of Chinto.

He was early on alleged to have hired thugs and land guards to attack the deceased person, a claim Myjoyonline.com cannot independently verify.

Attaanyo Kwaja said although they have reported earlier attempted attacks on the chief to the police nothing was done about it The complainants were rather arrested and put behind bars.

He said the crime officer who is supposed to work on the case never followed up to check on the late chief but rather threatened them because he had been given a land and other items from the accused.

It is his fault that our brother is dead, he added.

However, the Nsawam Police Crime Officer in the Eastern Region, ASP Stephen Adom told Joy News that it is never true that he has received any gift from the accused person to protect him.

He said investigations have been conducted and the case has been put before the court for due process to be followed.

He also indicated that the case has been forwarded to the homicide unit at the Police Headquarters here in Accra for further investigation.