The Director of Social and Demographic Statistics, Ghana Statistical Service (GSS), says the purpose of the Post Enumeration Survey is to evaluate the 2021 Population and Housing Census (PHC).

He explained that the post-evaluation exercise is to ensure accuracy in the Census result so that it will meet international standards as specified by the United Nations Commission on Population and Development.

“The post enumeration survey is conducted to determine whether data collected during the Census were reliable, accurate and up to international standards,” he stated.

Speaking with Benjamin Akakpo on Prime Morning on Joy Prime, Monday, he distinguished between the Post Enumeration Survey and the Population and Housing Census (PHC), stating that the Survey will concentrate on just a sample of the population, unlike the Population and Housing Census that saw everybody being interviewed.

“The Post Enumeration Survey will collect independent data from selected locations. The data will be compared with the census data from the same location to check errors during the exercise. This is to ensure accuracy in the population figures”, he added.

He further explained that the Survey officials have undergone training that requires them to master both the content and the use of the tablet for data capture since this is the first digital Population Evaluation Survey.

He added that the survey is different and independent from the Census; hence, people should avail themselves for the survey.

This will give accurate data, which is an essential factor in demographic analysis and planning.

The survey, which started on August 25 and is scheduled to last for 21 days, will also allow those who were not counted during the census to be captured. 

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