Presec, Legon produced a fantastic display of speed and accuracy to progress into the Semifinal of the ongoing National Science and Maths Quiz. 

The five-time champions delivered a steady performance to lead the game from Round One to Five and finished it in grand style.

Their challengers, One-time winners, Pope John, and Western Region-based, St John’s School were no match for the three contestants of Presec. 

The contest ended with Presec scoring 68 points, Pope John, 47 points and St John’s School, 22 points. 

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Pope John misses the last step in the Problem of the Day to miss the perfect score. They scored nine points which is the highest. 

Presec, Legon get seven points and St John’s School continue to trail, they get four points.

The chances of the Western Region school of shocking the two giants continue to dim.

The two top dogs effect a substitution each but St John’s keep up trust in the boys.

The next stage is True or False. A wrong answer is penalized by a point deduction. The school can choose not to respond and the question would be available for a bonus. 

Presec, 42 points – Pope John, 36 points  – St John’s 12 points

– –

Round two is on and St John’s School gets nothing out of it but minus four points from four wrong answers.

Presec, Legon and Pope John, however, continue their battle for supremacy.

For now, Pope John SHS is no match for Presec as the five-time champions open a nine-point gap from the Speed Race.

The Problem of the Day is up next.

The problem is a single question to all three schools which they have three minutes to answer; 10 marks for the taking.

Scores are: Presec, 35 – Pope John, 27 – St John’s 8

 – – 

Round One of the highly-billed contest gets underway here at the R.S. Amegashie auditorium at the University of Ghana Business School.

The contest is clearly a battle between Presec, Legon and Pope John SHS and Minor Seminary with St John’s School unable to keep up.

The two top dogs are barely giving space to each other talkless of allowing the Takoradi-based school to find space. Most St John’s major questions are either grabbed by Presec or Pope John as bonus points.

The round ends with Presec, Legon in the lead which is no surprise since they were the only school to get their first question correct.

The scores are: Presec, 24 – Pope John 19 and St John’s 12