Edith Uyovbukerhi is the co-founder of LittleBigSouls International Charitable Organisation, a not-for-profit organization committed to advocating on the serious issue of prematurity and the reduction of the terrible rates of death and disability for pre-term babies born in Africa.

She is also the CEO of GN Foods Limited in Tema, Ghana. GN Foods Limited is a manufacturing company involved in the production of high-quality tomato paste brands for the local and export market.

She is also a director of Sun Ridge Company Limited, Ghana.

Edith Uyovbukerh

The Business Woman

Edith is a chartered accountant and a fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. She holds an MBA in Finance from Stirling University in Scotland and a Bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance from Brighton University, Brighton UK.

Edith is a strong, results oriented and dynamic proven leader bringing excellence and passion to whatever she does. She has wide experience spanning over 25 years in different blue-chip companies in the UK some of which include PwC, Cadbury, Nestle and Diageo with special focus in accounting, finance, business management, strategic planning, project management, and business systems implementation.

She has excellent interpersonal skills and is a great leader, with the ability to motivate staff to peak performance. Edith moved back to Ghana from the UK in 2007, to head the Business Performance and Strategy unit in Diageo Plc, Ghana (a subsidiary of Diageo UK).

The Women’s Empowerment Advocate& Mentor

Born in Ghana, raised in the UK and relocated back to Ghana, Edith is a strong believer that the African woman is uniquely placed by way of heritage to be a formidable force for advancement and achievement globally and brings that into her involvement with women’s leadership organisations and groups. She is Founder of Strands of Pearls.

Edith Uyovbukerhi

International, a women’s organisation focused on excellent self-development, business solutions and peer networking and serves as a Director and member of the Advisory Board of the African Women in Leadership Organisation (AWLO).

Edith is a strong advocate for mentoring young women as a means of ensuring a stronger next generation of African women. She co-initiated the “Path of Hope” series together with Innovative Group USA through GEMS, a millennial ladies’ organisation under Strands of Pearls. 

Her vision is to develop, empower, support and inspire a group of millennial ladies towards anticipating, leading and celebrating positive change and development in our society, country and continent.

With a deep belief in Africa and the potential of Africans to create innovative products and services that are sound, commercially viable, positively impactful and which can shape the future of the continent for good, Edith is involved with the African Innovation Foundation with their trailblazing Innovation Prize for Africa initiative, having served as a judge for the IPA process. She is a passionate champion and ambassador for the organisation.

Edith Uyovbukerh

The Philanthropist

Edith’s experience of premature birth is a deeply personal one. She co-founded LittleBigSouls with her sister, following the tragic death of her preterm daughter in a hospital in Accra, Ghana under circumstances that were highly avoidable if the necessary infrastructure and facilities had existed in that hospital. She brings all her experience of being a preemie mother into the programmes that LittleBigSouls provide and hence the organization cares from a place of knowing.

Her goal is that through the work of LittleBigSouls, they can level the playing field for the care of preemies born in Africa and to give these precious babies a fighting chance at survival. 

Family Life

Edith’s lineage, Christian upbringing and strong family values have inculcated in her a sense of giving back to humanity and of responsibility for those less fortunate. She is involved in many community and charitable projects at local and international level.

She is married to Mitaire Uyovbukerhi and they are blessed with three wonderful children, Esemena, Garen and Kessiena.