Opening plenary session during ONE: The Alltech Ideas Conference in Lexington, Kentucky.

“If we do not invest more in protecting our planet, development cannot be sustainable and we will not eradicate hunger or achieve the vision 2050 goal,” the Alltech President and CEO has said.

“Our belief is that agriculture has the greatest potential to positively influence our planet’s future, provide nutrition for all, and help rural communities thrive and replenish our planet’s resources,” Dr Mark Lyons said.

He was speaking at the 38th annual Alltech ONE Conference held in Lexington, Kentucky USA.

“From protecting pollinators to improving soil fertility and building resilience to the effects of climate change, biodiversity is fundamental to addressing global hunger. But the clock is ticking. We need to increase our investments to protect our planet before it is too late. Our future depends on it.”

“Together we can do more; Alltech announced a commitment to focus on the planet, proactive conservation, management and restoration of natural ecosystems and biodiversity to contribute to addressing the challenges of climate change, food and water security, and human health.

“Reducing is not enough; we must do something different, our belief is that agriculture has the greatest potential to positively influence the future of our planet, to provide nutrition for all and to help rural communities thrive and replenish our planet’s resources,” said Lyons.

Protecting the planet is crucial to fighting hunger - Alltech CEO calls for increased investments
Author, Founder and CEO of ‘One Green Thing,’ Heather White

Author, Founder and CEO of ‘One Green Thing,’ Heather White said there are three steps to make climate action a joyful daily practice.

“First, think beyond your age and listen, secondly, find your unique role, and third, apply the daily practice of sustainability. The climate crisis is the biggest challenge of our time, and we all have a unique role to play.

“I believe that no individual can solve the climate crisis, and that much of the burden is on the shoulders of corporations and policymakers who tend to vote against the planet.

“I think individual actions do matter and contribute to a desperately needed cultural change which will help relieve our kids’ feelings of eco-anxiety.

“What will your legacy be? Because together, we can create a Planet of Plenty. Thirty years from now, what can we create together that will stop our future loved ones in their tracks and create a moment of breathtaking gratitude?” she left the ONE audience with these parting thoughts.

Business leader, campaigner and co-author of “Net Positive” Paul Polman explained that Net Positive is a new way of doing business which puts back more into society, the environment and the global economy than it takes out.

“Organisations that take a Net Positive approach share an ambition to grow their brand, have strong financial performance and attract the brightest talent.

I think what you (Alltech) are doing and what you are referring to as the Planet of Plenty is an important vision where you bring together the key principles of consumer health, environmental health and also animal health where you leverage, obviously, very important technology, where you call out the importance of sustainable farm management, where the partnership is engraved very high in your philosophy.

It’s time for business leaders to build net positive companies that profit by fixing the world’s problems rather than creating them “said Polman.

Mayor of Lexington, Linda Gorton said she is excited about the wonderful ideas introduced by Dr Mark Lyons, President and CEO of Alltech and his partners for the Agricultural Value chain across the globe.

“I am pushing $1 million into this a Planet of Plenty agenda and it’s my hope that Kentucky will become the hub of Agriculture in the United States in a few years.

Together, we have the nerve to work together for a Planet of Plenty” said the Mayor of Lexington, Mrs Gorton.

The 2022 Alltech conference brought together 2,000 international delegates in person, with an additional 5,000 participating virtually.

The world-class event brought inspiring keynote speakers and more than 100 industry leaders to the stage, sharing valuable insights in live workshops and focus tracks and uncovering the challenges and opportunities in agriculture, business, health and wellness, and professional development.