Ghana Highway Authority has agreed to change the names of the two pontoon boats ferrying vehicles across the Volta Lake to maintain a neutral position in an age-long land dispute there which is yet to be determined by a high court.

The two boats will now be called Ferry 1 and Ferry 2 respectively.

The land on which the Ferries berth from Senchi is known to the people of Akwamu in Eastern Region as "Old Akrade" but the people of Dorfor in the Volta Region also call it "Ogoli".

Therefore in order not to be cited for contempt, the Ghana Highway Authority decided to change names from Senchi-Ferry to Ferry-1 and Ferry-2. The sign post on road from Juapong will also change from "Old Akrade Ferry Site" to "Ferry Site" to indicate the nonaligned stance of the Highway Authority.

According to sources, the changes are to take immediate effect until the high court delivers judgment on the matter.

In other developments, government has moved to ease pressure on the two pontoons ferrying vehicles across the Volta Lake at Senchi as the Volta River Authority (VRA) considers allowing commuters to use the Kpong Hydro-electric Dam on weekends.

The heavy traffic congestion at both ends of the Ferry site on weekends puts so much strain on the boats resulting in frequent breakdown which renders commuters stranded.

Officials of Ghana Highway Authority are holding talks with their colleagues at the Volta River Authority to open up the Kpong Hydro-electric Dam for light duty and cross country vehicles weighing not more than Five tons but only on weekends. sources say commuters from Accra heading to the Volta region especially, as well as other parts of the country, would be allowed to use the Kpong Hydro Dam through Akuse and connect to Juapong while those from Ho to Accra would also connect to Akuse through Fodzoku.

The development will also ease traffic at Senchi-Ferry which sees heavy vehicular congestion on weekends, following the closure of the Adomi Bridge.

According to sources, an official announcement will be put out this week, indicating specific days and times that light duty vehicles can be allowed access to the Hydro-electric Dam beginning next weekend.

Security at the Kpong Dam has been tightened since the closure of the Adomi bridge early this month. Only vehicles with special permits from the VRA were allowed entry as the area is restricted to thoroughfare.