The role of Queen Mothers in HIV/AIDS prevention and tackling of other social issues could be effective than the activities of non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

The Queen Mothers could better relate with the people than NGOs who might show up once for a programme and never return for evaluation.

Kofi Dzamesi, Volta Regional Minister, observed these when the Zendo Queen Mothers Association, called on the Regional Minister to invite him to the inauguration of the Association at Tsibu in the South Dayi District, in December, this year.

Zendo comprises five traditional areas; Klikor, in the Ketu District, Klefe, in the Ho Municipality, Tsibu, Tsoxor and Kpeve all in the South-Dayi District, whose people were said to be of one family but disintegrated during the migration of the Ewes to Ghana.

He said the Government had demonstrated through policy and programmes that it was committed to solving problems of women but expressed regretted that women’s groups in the Region did not appear disposed to grabbing offers from government to improve their lot.

Mama Mamle Azameti II of Klikor, who spoke on behalf of the Queen Mothers, said the group was concerned about the rising number of delinquent children on the streets, promiscuity among the youth and the spread of HIV/AIDS.

She said the Association had drawn a programme tackle social problems and called on individuals, organisations and government to support its activities.

Source: GNA


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