Prisons Service PRO Vitalis Aryeh has described as “a big relief” the summary release of remand prisoners following an eye-opening documentary by Joy News’ Seth Kwame Boateng.

For the second time this month, the Justice For all Program has visited another prison, specifically the Nsawam prison where six courts heard 77 remand cases, all in an effort to deal with the remand crisis in Ghana’s prisons.

Apart from the 23 discharged unconditionally, 29 were granted bail and 9 had their cases adjourned.

Last week, the program was at the Koforidua prison where 18 people were freed.

Since the airing of the JOYNEWS documentary “Locked and forgotten” there has been criticism of State as well as Police prosecutors whose actions or inactions have been deemed the cause of the remand crisis.

The Prison PRO decried the slow pace of the Justice For All Programme for the past seven years until the documentary was aired.

“It is very positive for us. It is a big relief, we pray it continues”, he said.

There has been an on-going introspection in the Prison Service on the conditions of prisoners and the prisons.

While the documentary has provoked changes, questions remain about sustainability and reform in the country's corrections facilities.

Vitalis Ayeh pleaded with the public to come to the help of the Service.

“We need everything” he said, ranging from beds to new prison buildings. He said most of the existing prisons were not built to house convicts and provide them with the atmosphere to help them reform.