Residents of Ezile in the Western Region have complained of the difficulties in having only one source of potable water in their community.

Although this town sits around the Ezile lagoon, ironically, access to potable water by the residents is extremely challenging.

Served by a single borehole, the over 2000 residents of the community are compelled to fight for their turn at the borehole each morning.

Students miss out on school hours because of the long wait at the borehole and adults are unable to be productive during their working hours.

“I’m concerned even more for the school children,” said one of the residents. “Some of them can spend hours at the pipe from dawn. They will struggle and spend school hours waiting to get water. We are even not productive because of the lack of water because we spend all our time looking for water”, he added.

The residents hinted that the rapid increase in population has contributed to putting immense pressure on the only mechanized borehole in the community.

Considering the impending dry season, the people of Ezile in the Western Region are calling on government and other philanthropists for more boreholes for their community.