There was drama in the Supreme Court when Rojo Mettle-Nunoo, the third witness of the petitioner, John Mahama, mounted the witness stand to testify, Monday.

Mr Mettle-Nunoo was one of the two agents of the 2020 NDC flagbearer in the National Collation Centre otherwise known as the ‘Strongroom’ during the December 7, 2020 polls.

During cross-examination by Justin Amenuvor, the lead counsel of the Electoral Commission (EC), the former Deputy Health Minister sought to clarify his meeting with Jean Mensa, the EC Chair.

She is alleged to have met with Mr Mettle-Nunoo who had complained about anomalies with some results.

Clarifying how long he waited for the EC Chair, Mr Amenuvor asked him if he was offered tea and biscuits.

“Tell the court how long you were in the secretariat for?” the EC lawyer asked.

“It was a considerable length of time, because the commissioner was not there,” Mr Mettle-Nunoo answered.

Then animated Mr Amenuvor quizzed further, “And you left the Strongroom not so?

“And even while there, you were offered tea and biscuits, not so?”

To this the witness said, “I was offered tea, I wasn’t offered any biscuit.”

This drew the court into laughter with some of the Justices laughing their hearts out. The atmosphere was lightened for some few minutes.

It took some time for the court to settle after the Registrar shouted “Order in court.”

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