Industrial consumable supplier, Servaco PPS, has partnered Captain One Golf Society, for its January Charity golf championship to be held at the Royal Golf Club in Kumasi.

Servaco PPS, according to this partnership, will be gold sponsors for the championship that always set the tone for golfers across the country to prepare for the golfing year.

Managing Director of the company, Rudolph Martey, said the partnership is because Captain One’s values are aligned with it brand.

“Captain One Society’s intention of promoting and developing golf in the lives of the disadvantage especially orphans is in line with our vision and brand.”

He reiterated the perception that because many see golf as the game for the elite, it is therefore glad to see Captain One Golf Society try to break that myth hence their support. 

President and Founder of Captain One Golf Society, Pius Ayeh Appiah on behalf of the members of the society thanked Servaco PPS for believing in them to come on board as partners for the development of the sport at the grassroots level.

The society through its Charity Championships helps kids from underprivileged and adopted orphanage homes to learn how to play the game of golf.

So far two orphanages – Tarkwa and Kumasi – have been adopted by Captain One Golf Society and have been benefiting from this exercise.

He explained that “the Kids Project helps the professional golfers in the society to teach these kids the basic rudiments of the game. The adopted orphanages of Captain One will also engage in mini tournaments to prepare them for their golfing career.”

Mr Appiah called on more professional golfers to come on board to train the kids and also appealed to corporate bodies to join hands in giving these kids a hope for their future.

The 5th major tournament which is scheduled to take place at the Royal Golf Club, Kumasi will tee-off on Saturday, January 22, 2022.

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