If your skin is clean, smooth and even congrats! You are a winner! But not everyone is born with perfect skin. You may have dark areas, facial hair, acne scars , wrinkles and other bumps in your face, evidence that you need to take steps to care for your skin. What you should do to regenerate your skin

Skin care

You should use a moisturizing day cream and night cream until you’re about 30 years old. When you get older than 30, if you have started to get lines in your face, it might be time to start using anti-ageing products.


I wouldn’t recommend using a full coverage foundation other than for nights out and for photo sessions. It could make you look like your face is made of cake. And you don’t have to apply it to the entire face area if you’re not going to a party.

I really think the best thing is to apply a very thin layer only to the areas where you have spots and bumps and where the skin is red or black (usually on your nose, around your nose, chin and the middle of your forehead). That way you get a natural look. Another great tip is to use one of those tinted moisturizing creams. You’ll look fabulous and your skin will not dry out!

The color of your foundation should be as close to your natural skin color as possible. If you’re choosing between two different colors, take the brighter one. The nose could use some extra powder in the same color as the foundation.

(Finally, if you want, you can apply some transparent powder to the entire face area to fix the make-up.)


Make it a point of duty to always cleanse and tone your skin, morning and evening. It is a grave mistake to allow tiredness deprive you of doing what is right for your skin. Under no circumstances should you go to bed without cleansing, especially, if you applied foundation.