SMT Ghana, the official Distributor of Volvo Construction Equipment, Volvo Trucks and Volvo Penta in Ghana, has boosted Ghana’s haulage and logistics industries with the introduction of the Dongfeng Truck, one of China’s leading truck brands.

SMT Africa through its strategic partnership with Dongfeng has introduced the Dongfeng Trucks and SMTGhana will be the official distributor in Ghana.

The Dongfeng KL 6×4 Tractor head is a robust truck, equipped with Euro 2 engine – 375hp, with reinforced chassis, reinforced fuel filtration and reinforced air filtration for more reliability. The truck also gets a low roof sleeper cab with an aerodynamic design to reduce the wind resistance and achieve excellent fuel efficiency.

As part of activities held to introduce the Dongfeng truck, SMT Ghana organised a four-day training workshop for its Sales and Parts Team across the country which was held in Accra in a bid to give them an insight on the Dongfeng Trucks.

A technical training was also held where a team from Dongfeng truck from China was on hand to take representatives from SMT dealership across Africa on the technical components of the truck all in a bid to give proper sales and after-sales service for customers.

Facilitators at the workshop included: Chu Zhao Hui and Jiang Fei, Marketing Manager, Overseas Business Development Department, Dongfeng Truck who in an interview with the media was upbeat the training will guarantee quality after-sales support since the product is new on the market.

He noted that SMT Ghana has been a good pillar for the Dongfeng Partnership as such the introduction of the truck and the training of the Sales and technical team was good for the market to grow bigger and compete with other brands.

Managing Director of SMT Ghana, Mr. Alex Dutamby said the company was privileged to add the Dongfeng products to its portfolio.

He said the introduction of Dongfeng trucks answer the need to introduce a reliable and durable value truck onto the Ghanaian market

He further added that "Dongfeng Trucks complete our products portfolio into Ghana and is invaluable for providing the best value truck for our customers’ needs, in term of investment and aftersales support. The brand will also benefit from a dedicated large network and extensive logistics to ensure the availability of genuine Dongfeng Trucks parts across all regions."

Sharing their views on the Dongfeng Products and the training workshop, Mr. Edward Sackey, Sales Manager SMT Ghana (Tarkwa) and Mr. Eugene Owusu-Koranteng, Sales Manager in charge of Volvo Construction Equipment-SMT Ghana described the training workshop as an insightful session which has enhanced their knowledge of the Dongfeng trucks and products.

“We have also been introduced to the unique selling proposition (main strength) of the Dongfeng truck which is the Golden Powertrain Design Concept that encompasses: the Dongfeng Cummins Engine, the fast gearbox and the Dongfeng Dana Axle which we believe will make it stand tall in the market”

Also present to support the introduction of the training workshop were: Mrs. Marie Delorme, Marketing and Communications Manager of SMT Africa and Mrs. Hilda Peasah, Marketing Manager, SMT Ghana.


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