Some victims of the alleged food poisoning at Marwako Fast Food Limited have threatened to take legal action against the Company to demand compensation for their medical bills.

They claim the Restaurant has failed to keep its promise of bearing the cost of their hospitalisation, despite earlier assurances.

In an interview with JoyNews, they said the situation has left them in harsh financial conditions, following their discharge from the hospital.

One of the victims revealed, “I’ve spoken to one lawyer that I want us to take the case on because he went to buy food; what he bought was ¢105 and he has gone to the hospital to spend almost ¢3,000.

“They said they’d pay the hospital bills, which is very bad [because] no one has spoken with him, no one knows what his condition is now and nobody knows the state he and children are in now.”

“They have not visited, they haven’t paid anything and what they told me was to keep my phone by my side, that they were going to speak with me to come over and they never called,” another victim added.

Management of the Company earlier disclosed that it has settled the medical bills of some of its customers who suffered the food poisoning.

They pledged to ensure affected customers are treated of their ailments but that appears not to be the case.

Meanwhile, the Public Relations Officer of Marwako Fast Food Limited, Mohammed Lamptey, has admitted some of the concerns may be genuine.

He has pleaded for those affected to reach out for assistance.

“Undoubtedly, this is a situation where we might not be able to deal with everybody; so, if you never interacted with us, you’ve never spoken to us and you want to go to court, I am pleading with you – please get in touch with us, let us talk and let’s see how best we can resolve the issue.

“Some people might want to explore it to whatever that is happening by trying to call us and give us information about their problems; we identified some of them but what I am saying is that before God and man, let us be truthful to ourselves and try to do the right thing,” he argued.

FDA shuts Marwako branches

The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) closed down the East Legon branch of Marwako restaurant, following widespread reports of food poisoning on social media.

In a tweet on Thursday, May 12, the FDA stated that the move to close down the restaurant is to enable the Authority to conduct investigations into customers’ complaints.

“The FDA has taken notice of complaints from the public about the suspected food poisoning at the East Legon Branch of Marwarko Restaurant.

“We have closed down the restaurant and together with other relevant agencies, started investigations,” the tweet said.

Marwako, a fast food eatery in Accra trended on Twitter after several users complained of food poisoning after eating there.

The Twitter tirade started after a user, Edward Elohim, shared that the fast-food service had served him and several others with food that is contaminated.

Several other users rehashed his statement, accusing the fast joint of putting them in a similar situation since the weekend.

Many have since been hospitalised with many of the alleged victims referencing the eatery’s East Legon branch as the possible source of their discomfort.