Action Chapel International held its first online service live on Sunday March 22, 2020.

Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams has advised Ghanaians to remain positive as the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread across nations around the world including Ghana.

During Action Chapel International Church’s first online service after the President’s ban on public gatherings, the General overseer urged Ghanaians to be careful about what they say about the novel coronavirus since the tongue is a powerful tool.

“We need to be careful of the things we are paying attention to and we need to take heed to what we hear.

“I know there are a lot of facts being presented to us all over the place; it’s good to know but don’t feed on them. 

“Because the strategy of the enemy is to get us distracted from the word of God and from what God is saying to present to us the facts of what they are doing so that he can have an advantage over us through fear and panic.”

Instead, he implored Ghanaians to super-impose the opportunity of speaking up against the virus through the word of God, continually.

Citing an example from the scripture, he explained that when David and Goliath were about to battle, the enemy who was, Goliath spoke and David responded to him with the backing of God.

“In the scripture, you will realise that after Goliath spoke to David, David also said ‘it’s now time for me to speak back’. 

Relating David and Goliath’s story to the challenge Covid-19 brings, he said that people represented by David, cannot remain silent amid the virus outbreak.

“Silence means consent. You can’t be quiet. You can’t be silent in moments like these. In moments like this, you must speak but you’ve got to be careful what you’re saying because the things you say have power. There is the power of death and life in what you say.”

He added, “even though Goliath was a giant he didn’t fight David by his stature, or his strength or his might or his spear, or his shield but the first thing he did was to speak words.

“He determined the outcome of the battle between him and David by words and after he had spoken David had his turn.”

In the same way, despite the fast developments of coronavirus cases across the world, he entreated all Ghanaians to continue to give thanks, seek God’s face and continue to speak up against the world’s current enemy; Covid-19.