Subah Infosolutions has said it has not broken any law over recent motorbike contract secured from government.

There have been questions raised about why an IT firm was given a government contract to provide motorbikes and whether it went through the lay down public procurement procedures in winning the deal.

Subah and Street Naming Company Limited, both subsidiaries of the Jospong Group of Companies, won the bids to provide motorbikes and office equipment for the Local government’s street naming exercise across the country.

Speaking on Joy FM’s news analysis show, Newsfile, Project Coordinator of Subah Infosolutions, Ernest Odade said his outfit  has what it takes to execute the contract.

"All we keep saying is that Subah did not go for motorbikes. Subah went for a package which included motorbikes. I think that we should go beyond that …there may be documentation to prove that this might not be the issue…

"Subah did not go for only motorbikes because if it were only motorbikes, somebody else could have done it. That was where the other IT equipments came in so there was a reason why some of these things were not there," he explained.

Ernest Odade stressed that, Subah got the deal because it had the capacity to deliver.

Meanwhile, anti-corruption group, Ghana Integrity Initiative has said, its checks reveal the said motorbikes could have been already supplied by another company, raising suspicion about whether Subah has been paid again for no work done.