Information Minister, Kojo Oppong Nkrumah, has charged marketing and media practitioners to support government’s efforts in propagating the good news of the Africa Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) to revive the economy, post-Covid-19.

According to him, the media has a role in ensuring that more professionals pay their taxes and contribute to national development.

He also wants the media to improve sensitization on the need for professionals in the country to pay taxes for development.

Speaking at the Graphic Business Stanbic Breakfast meeting in Accra, Kojo Oppong Nkrumah, said the pandemic has brought some level of challenge to the Ghanaian economy, hence the need for the media and marketing practitioners to get involved in convincing professionals and businesses on the positive happenings in the economy.

“You have to convince the 33,000 engineers, lawyers, accountants and other professionals who are not paying tax according to the Ghana Revenue Authority, yet, are asking for everything to be fixed that they have to pay their due if we are to rake in the 10% of tax-to-GDP [Gross Domestic Product] and lower our borrowing. And you need the help of the Marketing Communications professionals and the Media to succeed at that” he emphasised.

The theme was “Media and Marketing Communications, post-Covid-19, a catalyst for Africa’s socio-economic resurgence.”

According to him, business journalism has the potential to take the country to another level, post-Covid-19.

Commenting on the theme, outgoing President of the Ghana Journalists Association, Affail Monney stressed the need for Businesses and Economic Journalists to take up the challenge of projecting the sound economic growth of the country.

Other members of the panel discussion included Professor Kwame Kakari, former Executive Director of the Media Foundation for West Africa who charged the media to find diverse ways of disseminating information in the midst of the pandemic.

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