Member of Parliament (MP) for the Nhyiaeso Constituency, Dr. Stephen Amoah, has said a rejection of the 2022 budget will cause negative implications for the country.

He said in an interview on Prime Morning on Tuesday, that the government will not be able to fulfill its obligations should the budget statement be thrown out by Parliament.

Dr. Amoah noted that it is high time the leadership of both the Majority and the Minority resolved their differences to fast-track the budget’s approval.

“It’s not only about the fact that the outlays or the expenditures or the programmes that we have will be stalled. There will be serious consequences. Even investors’ confidence in this economy or jurisdiction will be big issue and it will affect market, our industries and even the ordinary Ghanaian because market activities, once they go down, affect productivity.”

The lawmaker stated that the country’s economic projections suffered a blow due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a reason the budget should be approved to put the country back on the path of growth.

On Friday, November 26, Parliament rejected the 2022 Budget following a series of heated exchanges between members of the two Caucuses.

Infuriated by the turn of events, the Majority, led by Osei Kyei-Mensah-Bonsu staged a walkout after alleging ‘bias’ and ‘disrespect’ on the part of the Speaker, Alban Kingsford Sumana Bagbin.

Proceedings however continued unabated, following which the Minority threw out the Budget, with 137 of its members, present, and voting.

The Majority subsequently reacted, describing the Minority’s decision as ‘unconstitutional’.

But in the statement by the Minority Leader, Haruna Iddrisu on Sunday, he refuted the claims of unconstitutionality, describing their colleagues in the Majority as “irresponsible” and urging them to accept the rejection of the 2022 Budget in good faith.

The Minority has stated that if the government does not make certain changes to the budget, they will not support nor approve it.

Dr Stephen Amoah believes any further delay in accepting the economic policy of the government will disrupt the smooth governance of the nation.

“Even as a government, our hands will be tied in terms of how we can actually operationalise or execute our programmes because now it’s counting. If it takes another month, it means that still, there will be delays. Instead of 12 months, we’re going to have 11-month period.”

“Some of these impediments will not only impede government’s free hands to operate, spend and go ahead but it has consequences, both domestically and internationally. I advise that all stakeholders must be very careful. It’s extremely important that we take this thing critically, both Minority and Majority to resolve this issue,” he added.

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