Ghanaian Times:

At pre-launch of World Sight Day 2021: 227,920 Ghanaians blind – 329,560 have severe visual impairment, 579,040 with moderate impairment

Partner for Ghana-Burkina Faso railway project to be selected by Dec. – Amewu


Weekend Crusading Guide:

LGBTQ+ blues: Religious bodies threaten govt over anti-gay bill

Cybersecurity Act demonstrates forward thinking leadership, says Dr Antwi-Boasiako

Works and Housing Minister inspects housing project in Accra


The Chronicle:

Christians roar: Go against anti-gay bill and risk our votes

Mining industry regulations to be enhanced – Minister

Make cigarettes extremely expensive – VALD

Juju fails suspected robber


Ghanaian Observer:

Ghana on the verge of bumper maize harvest

Veep @MBawumia celebrates 58th birthday with cured lepers

Govt to regulate emerging mining industry in the northern sector – Lands Minister

@NAkufoAddo inaugurates Okere Assembly Office complex


Daily Graphic:

Mining train heads North; Govt commits to stringent regulation

Police address insecurity in cocoa sector

Sackey is first female AMA boss

More throw support behind anti-LGBTQI+ bill


Weekend Today:

Ahead of 2024 polls: Our votes not for homosexuals – Church of Pentecost

Josephine Eshun nominated for STEM ORT/Coconut Grove Best Teacher Award


The Informer:

Procurement of Presidential jet: Public anger looms, Nitiwul’s ‘you can’t shower’ argument worsens matters

@NAkufoAddo promises to transform Ghana before expiration of second term

Gender Minister sacked


Daily Guide:

@NAkufoAddo opens 7 factories in 2 months

@MBawumia fetes lepers on birthday

Railway Authority in land grab


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