Two Brothers Fellows, a US-based organization founded by Ghanaian, Anthony Ayebiahwe, and Phil Levin from the USA seeks to empower the brightest minds from Ghana to achieve a higher education.

What is their significance, you ask?

Growing up as a young lady in a typical Ghanaian community, Offinso South, I witnessed the daily struggle of parents in catering for their wards to attain higher education. The somewhat burden of having to pay fees and other necessary incentives was hectic and challenging.

Some went the further step of having to pay for extra tuition to enable their wards study, in a bid to increase intelligence. Same was with schooling at the secondary level, which required a bit more input, like provisions and pocket money. Sometimes, I saw the unfortunate situation of certain students who didn’t have the means to afford these, hence schooling on empty pockets.

The 1992 Constitution of Ghana guarantees a right to education stated in Article 38(2) of the constitution that, “The Government shall within two years after Parliament first meets after coming into force of this Constitution draw up a programme for the implementation within the following 10 years for the provision of a Free, Compulsory Universal Basic Education.”

Additionally, the Education Act, 2008 (Act 778) and the Children’s Act, 1998 (Act 560) also guarantee the right to education in Ghana. Act 560 consolidates the law relating to children by providing for the rights of the child, maintenance and adoption, and by regulating child labour, apprenticeship and related matters. This in itself highlights the importance of education in any democratic dispensation.

Now, before that the essence of education drive many parents in Ghana who might face financial circumstances yet have the desire for their children to climb higher on the educational ladder. This is especially because of the belief that education is one of the best investments and gifts societies (parents, guardians and the state) can give to their children.

The new day brought to the day light in 2017 as the government of Ghana on Tuesday, September 12, launched the Free Senior High School policy. It could be said that, the Free Senior High school has come to ease some of the challenges parents have to go through.

Amongst the government, is Two Brothers Fellows who see the need to be a contributing factor to the right laid down in the constitution as well as a natural and universal right to all individuals in Ghana.

According to Two Brothers Fellows, they are looking forward to partner with high schools across the country and focus specifically on students coming from extraordinary financial and family circumstances.

The process demand for final year high school students or graduates who have stayed home for one year coming from extraordinary financial and family circumstances to apply on their website;, where they will select a batch of finalist who will have the opportunity to take SAT free of charge as well as get connected to an academic tutor and slew of training materials. Each student who met the SAT score threshold will be assigned a college counselor to help them apply to universities across the US, they said.

This exercise will then have two finalists to be selected who will receive a grant to cover their visa application process and airfare. These students will receive ongoing supports before and throughout their studies.

Now, to third and foth runner scholars, they will receive a grant for a university in Ghana to further their studies.

The application for Two Brothers Fellows has been opened to all qualified candidates and will close on July 1, 2020.

The inspiration for Two Brothers Fellows is on the back of a grateful event that took place in November, 2011. As Phil Levin made a trip to Ghana as a volunteer and within that period met Anthony Ayebiahwe. 

One day walk home from a soccer practice in a small fishing village of Elmina, Ghana. Anthony was a senior high school students and Phil was American student from the University of Pennsylvania.

Upon interaction, Anthony explained his family’s dire financial situation, struggling to put food on the table left alone have money for college. He asked if Phil could help and what could be done.

Phil said yes and with so much determination on the side of Anthony, he should up the next day with dozen of questions about college application process and SAT.

Fast-Forward, months later and dozens of college applications submitted, Anthony received a full scholarship to attend Berea College in the US. With visa application and airfare taken care off by Phil.

Four years later, with great excellence in academics, Anthony has graduated University of Pennsylvania.

They are both committed to paying it forward and providing the same set of opportunities to the next generation of scholars.

Two Brothers Fellows is looking forward to have you join the train and contribute to your society.

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