World renowned consumer goods manufacturer, Unilever Ghana, will Wednesday launch a new brand of its celebrated detergent, OMO Multi-active.

OMO, which is the generic name for washing powder in Ghana and many parts of the world, according to the company, augmented with highly efficient cleaning properties.

According to a statement issued in Accra, the “New OMO Multi-active comes with a superior formulation and perfume and removes tough dried-in stains in one STEP, giving our consumers a better washing powder than ever before.”

The enhanced detergent, company sources say, has MaxClean particles which penetrate deep into the fibres, loosening and lifting away tough dried-in stains, in one swift step.

“New OMO Multi-active simplifies the hand-washing process in terms of reducing the number of steps (e.g. soaking, scrubbing etc),” the statement said.

Explaining other properties of the New OMO Multi-active, the statement said the product also comes in attractive new packaging which is highly appealing to consumers.

“The re-launched Omo expresses the simple philosophy of allowing our children to feel free to play, get dirty while learning through playing and exploring the world around them, so they can fully unleash the potential inside them,” the statement.

The launch is on the theme ‘unleashing the hero inside you’.