A video of four teenage boys gang-raping a young girl has sparked outrage on social media with some demanding immediate police arrest of the perpetrators.

The about six minutes video which is making rounds on social media shows a girl who appears to be underage pinned to a mattress by one of her rapists.

She is surrounded by four boys who are either in their late teens or early 20s in a room which is about 12 feet square.

One of them in a black shirt in seen clamping her down while his friends take turns to have sexual encounters with her.

There is the image of one boy completely naked who jumps onto the bed first but failed to achieve his aim because he was not hard enough.

Another boy who appears to be the leader of the gang is then seen taking his turn while the others tried to part her legs.

Although the girl is seen shouting 'leave me' there was no one to rescue her and the boys kept jeering as they continue their dastardly act.

The ghastly act continues until someone enters the room and issues a threat to the boys. They quickly dressed up and filed out of the room amid a lot of laughter and grinning.

A lot of people have called on the police to do all they can to bring the perpetrators to book.

In a press release by the police Monday, they acknowledged intercepting "a video of what appears to be a gang rape involving a young lady and at least five men."

"In view of the serious nature of the act, as shown in the video, a special investigation team has been constituted at the CID Headquarters to analyse the video with the aim of identifying those involved and arrested for the necessary legal processes to be activated," they said. 

The Police also pleaded with media houses and individuals with the video to stop sharing it since it is an offence to circulate obscene material. 

Again, they appealed to individuals with any information that will lead to the arrest of those involved to get in touch with their Cyber Crime unit of the CID Headquarters. 

Adding her voice to the calls, the convener of the Alliance for Women in the Media in Africa, a gender advocacy group, Shamina Muslim, said the video is very troubling to watch.

“Even more troubled will be the victim who has to go through this violent gang rape.

“When these things keep coming up, it is as if we are in a hurry as a society to continuously demonstrate our capacity to be perverse,” she said.

She added that the decadence that is engulfing society is alarming.