Highlife musician Kwaisey Pee has said showbiz players in Ghana do not qualify to be called celebrities.

According to him, the industry players need to reach a certain wealth status before they can be called celebrities.

“Do they own a Lamborghini? Do they have a private jet? Do they have things you need to be called a celeb?” he quizzed.

As someone who has lived and traveled around the western world, Kwaisey Pee said the celebrity status of some Ghanaians are self-professed titles.

To Kwaisey, Nana Appiah Mensah, the embattled CEO of Menzgold, qualifies as a celebrity because of his wealth.

“The guy had everything, money, mansions, cars and a private jet. If they all belong to him, he qualifies as a celebrity,” he stated.

The Highlife artiste said, he also does not like to be called a celebrity, “I don’t even like that word.”

The musician in 2017, revealed he was broke and had to borrow cars to get him around town.

“As for money, I’m telling you I even need your money. I’m broke as hell. I wouldn’t come and sit here, to be honest with you and before God and man and say to you, it’s super for me, it’s not [because] at the end of the day music is not selling anymore in terms of CDs…” Kwaisey Pee told Lexis Bill.

He explained even though he is better financially now as compared to 2017, he is still not up to the celebrity status yet.