Vodafone Ghana has introduced a new promotion which gives its customers exceptional value on selected products. 

The promotion, dubbed ‘Red Ntosuo’, offers double value to customers on its Red 1, Red 2 and Red 5 bundles, over a 60-day period.

Besides the original allocations, customers on these three propositions now enjoy additional 100% data, SMS and minutes for calls, to enable them to connect to the things that matter to them. 

In an age where customers are fixated on bespoke products and services and demanding more from service providers, Vodafone has taken leadership in giving them what they want.

Red 1 now offers customers unlimited calls to Vodafone numbers, 10 minutes for calls across networks and 40 MB at just ¢1 daily.

Customers on Red 2 will now receive 400 minutes for calls to Vodafone and 30 minutes for calls across networks as well as 100MB for three days.

For just ¢5 a week, customers on Red 5 get to enjoy 125 minutes for Vodafone calls and 125 minutes for calls across networks, 250 MB data and 10 SMS all valid for one week. 

Pushpinder Gujral, Consumer Business Director at Vodafone Ghana said, “This promotion has been designed to give this rare value to our customers on small bundles to enable them to do so much more at the same bundle price.

“We want to further demonstrate that we are serious about giving our customers true value for their money. Our customers on these bundles can constantly stay connected to the people that matter to them most with as little as ¢1,” he said.

Gujral added that the offer is part of Vodafone’s commitment to empowering its customers to do far more on the network.

Customers can subscribe to Double Ntosuo by dialling *200#. New customers can also port their existing number to the network to begin to enjoy this promotion.