The Convention People’s Party’s 2020 Vice-Presidential Candidate, Professor Emmanuel Yaovi Hunnuor Bobobee, has called on Ghanaians to support and vote for the party to enable it save “our beautiful nation.

“CPP as a nationalist party, has the whole country as its stronghold, now Ghana has been fragmented to meet the political interest of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Osagyefo Dr Nkrumah’s CPP must bounce back to govern this country.

“The Great CPP of Nkrumah will be the dominant political force again in this 2020 election to salvage and deepen the engagement of all Ghanaians for sustained national development,” Prof Bobobee stated as a prelude to the CPP Election 2020 manifesto.

The CPP manifesto tagged: “Rebuilding Ghana by restoring trust in government,” speaks to the challenges at hand with a view of finding collective solutions.

The CPP Vice Presidential Candidate said: “We have all witnessed what the twin brothers NPP and NDC have done in the fourth Republic.

“When one compares their combined achievements during these past 28 years (1993-2020) with what CPP achieved within nine years (1957-1966) in the first Republic, the evidence is crystal clear that Ghanaians can trust the CPP better than any other political party for national development, cohesion, security, work and happiness”.

He said on December 7th, Ghanaians would be called on to grant power to the Party of their choice by voting for their leaders in both presidential and parliamentary elections; “the electorates must vote massively for the CPP to save Ghana”.

CPP Chairperson and Leader, Nana Frimpomaa Sarpong Kumankuma, said elections offer electorates opportunity to articulate their expectations in the various political parties through their manifesto.

“As Nkrumahists, we believe that Ghanaians pay for their leaders when they contribute taxes to running the state and what the state provides is not some sort of benevolence.

“In return for the votes and taxes that citizens give, they expect the state to deliver on their promises listed in their manifesto by demonstrating clear outcomes, services and trust,” she noted.

The CPP 2020 manifesto sets out what it will do when in power and it has been drafted based on what Ghanaians have indicated as to what their expectations are of the State.

“It is the firm belief of the CPP, the political vanguard of the Ghanaian masses that we offer to the citizens the opportunity to find solutions to our country’s challenges in a collaborative way and in engagements with diverse groups, individuals and organisations.

“The CPP’s beliefs, is that only a Party in partnership with the masses would find lasting solutions to the hydra-headed challenges facing our dear country- hopelessness due to high unemployment of the youth and of the working people, insecurity, corruption and lack of accountability and transparency in government”.

The CPP Chairperson stressed that the main focus of the CPP if elected into power under the leadership of Mr Ivor Kobina Greenstreet would be taking Ghana to a more united, stable, fairer and good governance, where there is accountability, and transparency.

“The CPP government would ensure that there is clarity and direction in the way and manner the three arms of Government functions in line with the 1992 Constitution.

“The CPP pledges to oppose and expose cronyism, ethnicity, nepotism and provide visionary leadership under Mr Greenstreet as the President for economic and social transformation of Ghana based on its Nkrumaist ideology – self-determination and self-reliance, social justice and Pan Africanism.

“The CPP expresses its deep appreciation to the rank and file of the party, traders, workers, artisans, trade unions, women/gender groups and several progressive pressure groups and partners whose inputs have enriched the contents of the manifesto,” she said

Nana Kumankuma therefore appealed to the electorate to take the bold step on December 7th, and vote for the CPP Presidential Candidate Mr Greenstreet and CPP Parliamentary Candidates to form the next government to save Ghanaians from the failed governance of both the NPP and NDC.