Pastor of Life International, Ben Eshun has joined calls for Ghanaians to get used to living with the coronavirus.

Speaking on Joy FM’s GhanaConnect on Friday, the Pastor indicated that with no cure and vaccine, citizens must now think of ways to return to some semblance of a normal life.

“If the virus will go in about two, 10, or 15 years then we do not have a choice, we have to live with it. We cannot commit suicide.

“Until it goes away, we have to find the best way to manage ourselves and the system so that we do not get terminated by this virus,” he added.

The Pastor also noted that the church is ready to take up the task and ensure congregants do not contract the virus when they come to church.

Highlighting the new measures that the church will implement amidst the pandemic, Mr Eshun said, there will be no handshaking and other socialisation activities during and after church services.

“The church will have to adjust and start new lines of services. The Church will have to leverage old ones and make sure that they respond to the current situation.

“Crisis brings out the best in people, and this crisis is going to bring out the best of the Church.”

He stressed the church is willing to sacrifice to ensure that the disease is effectively contained until there is a cure or vaccine.

“We will cut down the entertainment that happens in the church and focus on only what is important. So there is going to be a lot of sacrifices and adjustment that we will do,” he stated.

However, a Ghanaian US- based Pediatrician, George was of a different view on lifting the ban on social gathering.

He believes there should still be a ban on public gathering since interactions between the group cannot be ‘policed’.

“When people get into the euphoria of time, they do things that they are not thinking about and that may include, hugging amongst others. “And these ones you cannot control whilst you are on the pulpit,” he explained.